What do these words really mean?


The patterns of behaviour encouraged or discouraged by people, products, processes and systems over time; helpful or unhelpful in the pursuit of a clearly defined, meaningful and measurable goal (or hypothesis).

The decision making framework used to navigate continuously changing environments; designed to support the pursuit of a clearly defined, meaningful and measurable goal (or hypothesis).


A little about us...

We are a boutique management consultancy focused on bringing culture and strategy together to create real impact. We partner with individuals, teams, organisations and their communities, helping them to find and connect their dots in creative, authentic, progressive and evidence informed ways.

Who's "we"?

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Lai-Ling Su

Culture Expert & Executive Coach

Lai-Ling Su is the Founder of Hello Agility and The Creative Space by Hello Agility, a Culture & Creativity Expert, and a Coach & Consultant for Executives, Leadership and Performance. She is the only ICF-PCC qualified Executive, Leadership and Performance Coach in Australia who is both deeply experienced as a practitioner and in working with Executives, Leaders, Leadership Teams and Organisational Development Professionals in or transitioning to agile and new ways of working.

Who do we work with?

  • Executives, Leaders, Leadership Teams and Organisational Development Professionals who want to make sense of and move themselves, their people, their teams, their organisations and their communities towards agile and new ways of working.

  • Founders, Business Owners and Heads of Departments who want to achieve greater clarity, focus and new levels of performance for themselves and their teams as they strive towards audacious yet meaningful goals and grow.

  • New Leaders and Professionals who want to reach new heights or have hit roadblocks in their careers.

What can we help you with?

Strategy + Culture Design & Consulting

Partnering with you to:

  • Define your strategy and cultural goals,

  • Assess your current cultural landscape,

  • Design, develop and shift your culture.

Executive Coaching &/or Mentoring

One-on-one &/or group based support for your leaders, focused on their performance and development needs.

Leadership Development

Customised Programs to suit your needs. Examples include:

  • Leadership & Culture for Agility,

  • Coaching Skills for Leaders.


Customised workshops to suit your needs. Examples include: 

  • Purpose, Values & Strengths,

  • Psychological Safety,

  • Targeted Behavioural Interventions.

What are people saying about us?

"Having worked personally with Lai-Ling for a number of years I can't recommend her highly enough. Lai-Ling has a unique ability as a coach and facilitator to bring people together, create energy and passion and produce remarkable and measurable results. She is a big picture thinker who is able to connect with all types of people on an individual level and draw out their best potential, at executive and non-executive layers. She has particular strengths in leadership development and extraction of values. She keeps it simple, fun and real. She is a passionate and genuine leader who leaves people better than where they were before connecting with her."

LARA - Senior Manager in Organisational Development

"Ling came to Westpac to help our Group Learning and Development team continue our journey implementing new ways of working, in particular Agile ways of working. With a strong background in Agile Coaching coupled with her Executive Coaching experience Ling was able to bring a unique combination of skills along with a fresh approach to the mindset and behavioural shifts required by our leaders to propel us forward. Ling worked one on one with many of our leaders in addition to coaching a number of teams. During her time at Westpac Ling demonstrated a strong ability to engage and connect, build trust and gain the confidence of our leaders to rise to the challenge of driving the cultural shift required. Ling brings strong disciplines and research to her work, has impeccable communication skills and a real passion for leadership and team development. She is also not afraid to have the difficult and at times deep conversations with people when required. The value Ling created was evident by our leaders feedback, the positive shift we have seen across the L&D function as well as being asked by others to work with their teams. Ling has a great style and approach, is strategic yet practical and always has a smile on her face. I would highly recommend Ling to others looking to make real behavioural and mindset shifts in their business, lift leadership capability as well as enhance team performance."

WES - Head of L&D Strategy and Transformation

"Lai-Ling was brought in to help me establish a newly formed business management team and assist us in developing a strategy and purpose. She has a unique set of skills that allows her to facilitate engaging sessions with various personality types while also being a keen observer. I am always surprised with the number of tools she has in her tool kit which ensures that every session is different and catered to the needs and dynamics of the team. During this time she also provided some one on one coaching. These coaching sessions were very thought provoking and focused on providing me with the tools I would need moving forward. I really enjoyed working with Lai-Ling and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for coaching or facilitation."

FAY - Senior Manager in Business Management

"During the time I worked closely with Lai-Ling I found her to be an exceptional coach and an inspirational servant leader. She facilitated workshops at an executive level with ease and was always highly regarded by her peers and by myself as a client.


Lai-Ling worked closely with the business banking and the wealth business and product teams instilling business agility through demonstrating and coaching aspects of servant leadership, growth mindset and challenging the status quo. She also worked closely with me personally in the creation of a coaching guild internally within the business by assisting me to solve problems at the highest level and drive a co-created vision which was able to be taken forward by the broader community.


I will always value the work, dedication and passion she takes to her career and consider her to be one of the strongest business agility and personal coaches I've encountered as a client."

LUCY - Associate Director, Enterprise Agility & Business Transformation Lead

"I have worked with and learnt from Lai-Ling for many years, including our time at Macquarie. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


She has been a trusted friend, a thought leader, a coach and a guide to not just myself, but many colleagues, from all levels of the organisation.


Her ability to connect and build meaningful relationships very easily coupled with her passionate approach to always wanting to help, no matter what the challenge, has earned her a highly regarded reputation amongst the leadership community.


She is one that many senior leaders have turned to for thought leadership, especially for her pragmatic perspective and her ability to very quickly identify impediments with a big picture approach.


Lai-Ling has time and again demonstrated a very mature systems thinking approach to problem solving, and a horizontal leadership based approach to solving problems.


Her innate ability to turn any session into a fun, simple and engaging time, has also meant she is able to provide a safe zone through which she draws out the best in people.


I hope to continue to learn from her and am looking forward to working together with her in the future."

OBED - Enterprise Transformation & Business Agility Executive

"Lai-Ling's creative talent, positive approach and focus in leading our agile transformation has enabled us to considerably change the way we operate today. Simply better! Lai-Ling's ability to build great team environments and continuous inspect and adapt approach to our agile culture change meant our entire company was always engaged. Lai-Ling's key strengths in leadership and innovation combined with an amazing organisational capability have changed the way we do business today."

MATHEW - General Manager, Corporate Technology

"I first started working with Lai-Ling on a pilot project to introduce Agile to the organisation. She was methodical, resourceful and innovative in her approach. Without her, the team would not have had the absolute joy they had in the new way of working or the light-bulb aha! moments they experienced. The team became self-sufficient and advocates for Agile.


Subsequently I worked with her on more complex projects involving multiple teams and vendors. Her vision in finding solutions to problems and patience in working with disparate views and multiple agendas was impressive. I thoroughly recommend her."

YEMI - Head of Technology

"My experience with Ling as an executive coach was empowering, insightful and a highlight of my 2019. In the set up process and coaching sessions Ling guided me to explore and set meaningful goals to help me improve the way I work. Her approach is based around giving you the tools and creating a safe environment for you to do the work! She won't do it for you! And I really love that. I have learnt skills as a result that I will take with me and continue to use and build on in the coming years. Her professionalism and care is evident and her depth of knowledge and experience in coaching others to develop an agile mindset is impressive. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Ling and would recommend her to anyone who is ready to take the next step in their agile journey."

ZOE - Portfolio Learning Manager, Risk

"I have been fortunate enough to work with Ling and have experienced her vast skills in both a team environment and on an individual basis as an Executive Coach. I have found Ling to be great at working with a team and ensuring that all of the team are treated equally and have the same opportunities to contribute to the sessions. Ling was fantastic at directing the discussions without leading them. This was done through subtle thought provoking questions and providing scenarios that we had not considered to enhance our learning. The growth from the team was evident and all involved grew personally as a result of these sessions.


I had the privilege of working with Ling in the Executive Coaching sessions and I found these extremely valuable in gaining a better understanding of myself and how I can get the best out of me. Within these sessions we worked through areas for my development and Ling provided some great clarity on the "how". After each session I implemented the learning and had success as a result. These skills are transferable and I have become a better person as a result of these sessions.


I thoroughly recommend Ling in assisting with your own personal development or for developing your teams. It was a pleasure to work with Ling and I am sure our paths will cross again."

AARON - State Manager, Learning Delivery (SA/WA) & Facilitator

"I was very fortunate to be able to experience some coaching sessions with Ling. Ling coached me right out of my comfort zone and helped me to consider alternative views and solutions for some challenges I was experiencing. Ling is a great listener who seems to innately know when to ask questions and when to just let the coachee keep talking. Thanks Ling!"

JANINE - State Manager, Learning Delivery (NSW/QLD)

"I had the amazing opportunity to experience coaching with Ling during my induction to Agile and the Scrum Master role. She has an amazing ability to listen and read between the lines to flush out the real issue or challenge. I always felt comfortable to share my "not so great moments" but then felt connected and valued when Ling shared in my excitement when I had success. I loved that I could truly be myself with Ling and feel that this contributed to my learning."

TARA - Scrum Master

"Lai-Ling helped me to realise my goals. Her kind and patient nature created a new space for me that I really needed at that time of being coached. By listening considerately, and asking me the right questions, I was inspired to think in a completely different way. The conversation created a new light for me in terms of what I wanted from my career and how I could achieve it. I was transformed from feeling stuck and not knowing if my goals made sense to feeling hopeful and finding new confidence in the direction I was taking. I've enjoyed every conversation with Lai-Ling since our first coaching session. I know I can always expect a kind, patient listener and miraculous clarity on any item I raise."

KATERINA - Scrum Master

"I do not have words for Lai-Ling's work. She has a unique ability to ask you 'those' powerful questions that one learns with a LOT of practice. And when in conversation with her trying to figure out answers to her questions, you see her actively listening to you and magically stitching all the pieces together that we call it as a 'coaching conversation'. Every chat I've had with her, I've come out identifying one thing I can try to fix things on my side. Being in the field of Coaching, I truly acknowledge and appreciate Lai-Ling's approach and when practicing coaching at my workplace, I often try to reflect back my past conversations with her and I'm seeing results. Though not working in the same organisation, I make sure I text her my problem situations and bang, she makes sure I am talking the right problem, facing the reality and then there is light bulb moment for myself. Thanks Coach!"

BHAVIN - Agile Coach/Scrum Master

"Lai-Ling is a highly caring individual who will not only listen in great detail at what you say to coach you, she can also work as the role of a mentor. She is highly skilled in listening to specific words that are said, and is committed to coaching and helping you to be your very best. I would highly recommend Lai-Ling to anyone who feels 'stuck' in any career path, and wondering what to do next. She has a natural, genuine gentle inquisitiveness that makes her stand out from the crowd. Without her guidance, I would still be unsure of my next career movements and be unhappy. I personally am much happier, as I have never felt more sure of my decisions and am working towards my next goal.


Thank you Lai-Ling. You are a very gifted and unique individual, and I cannot recommend you highly enough."

AIMEE - Surgical Product Specialist

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